An exciting Community project initiated by the Winchester Soccer Club is underway to develop two connected properties on Cross Street in Winchester. Once completed, the 8.7 acre property will provide an integral link connecting Davidson Park, Leonard Field and Pond, and Muraco School Field into one continuous green space along the banks of the Aberjona River. The project will create the first net new multi-sport playing fields in Winchester in over thirty years and reclaim, improve and beautify a brownfield site currently unsuitable for recreational purposes. Winchester Community Park (WCP) will create open space to be enjoyed by Winchester families for generations to come.

The Winchester Community Park (WCP) project dovetails into the proposed Tri-Community Greenway/bike path and also with the Winchester Master Plan -Phase II, which includes improving existing green spaces and the creation of new recreation areas in town.


Phase I financing is 100% completed, with $7,000,000 dollars in committed bank financing from Salem 5 Bank, and another $4,000,000 in private donations already “in hand”.  Phase I includes the purchase of the two lots (8.7 acres in total) which was completed on May 7, 2015, and the build-out of everything but the Field House – two regulation synthetic turf fields, one natural grass field, parking, lights, and even the foundation for the field house.  Phase II completion requires the additional fundraising of $1,900,000 which the bank requires WSC to have before releasing the financing for Phase II.  We will need to raise another $1.9M million to build the field house and complete work on the grounds.  Please consider making a donation to help us get there.

Site Photos

WSC closed on the two properties on May 7, 2015, and the build-out of the property is moving swiftly, with the first field scheduled for completion this Fall! Check out all the latest construction photos here:

Ryan Connolly Field – Dedication Ceremony

Ryan Connolly Field – Opening Event

WCP Construction Progress

WCP Groundbreaking Ceremony